More regarding me …

I love to cook and credit this capacity and passion to my mom. She was a doctor as well, but a warm and home cooked traditional meal was a guarantee throughout my childhood. Even now, going to mom’s home is a treat and a culinary extravaganza. I watched her cook and have cultivated my own passion and interest into a cooking channel “Culinary Karma – One Dish with Dr. Abha”. It has been a bit of a Covid distraction and one that I hope brings joy and interest to all who join and watch.

I am the mother of three bright and talented children who remind me what the next generation has in store for us all. Sky is truly the limit.

My husband is also a physician. This relationship is so very important where understanding the life and demands of a doctor wife is concerned. We share stories and bond over tough cases. We both love to workout and biking, hiking and walking with our dog, Kona is an often sought after highlight after a demanding day.

I hope to inspire through my passion for food and my passion for people and medicine. I welcome you to my world and invite you to join me on a tour of health and wellness to exercise, diet and mindful living.

Silk & Spice

Traditional Clothing

As a child, I remember donning little saris, lenghas and kurta pajamas for Indian parties, weddings and celebrations. The bright sheeny textures and eye-popping hues are a lasting memory of beautiful India and its many contours. My wedding was no less beguiling – not merely for me as the bride in red, but for the many attendees who donned their finest silks and jewelry as part of the pageantry. India’s textiles are celebrated the world over and cross into every culture’s finery – from scarves to swimsuit coverups, tunics to embroidered suits. I enjoy sharing a glimpse of my cultural rootedness through clothing.

Indian Food

My father always believed my mother entered his heart through his belly. A foodie from inception, Papa became captivated by the palate pleasing perfection that was all my moms. Not a soul who has entered Mummy’s kitchen leaves hungry. I am the beneficiary of her talent and her teachings and I would set out to learn the beauty of her craft. My YouTube channel, no doubt, serves as an homage to my mother and her own Culinary Karma. Indian cooking traverses all borders. The aromas, the colors, the variety that serve as the landscape of Indian cuisine prove boundless. Cities throughout this nation and beyond boast of at least one Indian restaurant in celebration of the mouth watering masalas that mingle with dishes like Aloo Gobi, Chana and Samosas. 

Doctor, Culinary Enthusiast, Sister-Friend & Mindfulness Proponent